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Idle Hands - Please come back to Allways420 it's full of love.

Guys here's something we should totally discuss

 I'm the kinda girl who is ALWAYS up for a horror movie and the only thing better than a horror movie is a good stoner movie. Idle Hands is both! It's from like 03 or 04 but if you can find it you'll totally love it. It's ridiculous but in the best way. I won't ruin the experience by telling you all about it but it is seriously stoner magic my friends and I think it is a fairly untouched film. I could be wrong. So what are you're stoner flicks?.

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Best of the Best. It's completely epic and hilarious and touching and perfect '80s sports movie cheese. Like, seriously, I cannot recommend the joy of getting totally baked and watching this movie with friends. Everyone I've known is always completely skeptical because hey, it's a cheesy '80s movie about the US Karate team, but no, really. It must be seen. While stoned.

R. Kelly's Trapped In the Closet, especially if you can show it to someone who has never seen it.

And Pokemon!

Those are my social stoner things to watch, if I'm stoned with friends. Solo, I'll pretty much watch anything. Lately when I've come home and gotten baked after work I've been watching the seasons of The Golden Girls I got on my hard drive. That show was my shit when I was a kid and 20 years later it's still hilarious.

Is Idle Hands that movie with Seth Green? I've never seen it, but I like him.
I've never seen either of those first 2. I love cheesy '80s anyway though so I'm already kind of stoked on it. R. Kelly isn't he that kind of creepy guy who made some video with an underage girl?

Solo almost all I watch is Southpark. But I'll throw in a flick now and then. When it is just me and my bestie we watch Norbit or Baby Mama. None of which have a lot to do with weed but all totally funny.

It's so weird you watch seasons of Golden Girls we watch Gilmore Girls, lol. That may only be funny to me

Yeah Idle Hands has Seth Green, Jessica Alba, Devon Sawa (the guy from Wild America), and Vivica A Fox. Totally great flick and Seth is his amazing self in it (I like him too lol).

Jessica Alba has done a few movies I've been shocked at. Meet Bill and this one. In Meet Bill she smokes weed. So I'm kind of stoked on her, I don't get stoked on a lot of actresses mostly actors.
yeah southpark